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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: I have a HE model Blitzfire. Does the Standard Blitzfire Cover fit this Model?
A: Yes, the Standard Blitzfire Cover is sized to fit both the Standard and HE version of the Blitzfire.

Q: If my Department uses steam straighteners on the Blitzfire and stores the unit with those straighteners left on will the cover be long enough to accommodate the extra length of the unit?
A: Yes, if stream Straighteners are used instead of a Combo nozzle you only need to order the OS or Oscillator Version of the cover. This cover is 7 inches longer and will work for that.

Q: If my storage bracket is already mounted and I do not want to remove it to install a cover do you have a model for that?
A: Yes, if your storage bracket has been installed in a position on the truck that was initially labor intensive to mount you may want to consider the RETRO version of the cover. This version fits around the outside perimeter of the bracket and is itself screwed on to the truck. This version of the cover is a $35.00 additional cost.