Portable Monitor Covers for TFT Blitzfire,Akron Quick Attack, Elkhart Brass RAM

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Mud. Rain.
Snow. Salt.

We've Got You Covered.

The All Weather Nozzle Cover will Protect your Blitzfire™, Akron Quick Attack,or ElkHart Brass RAM Portable Monitor from dirt,ice,salt & other road debris.Replace constant cleaningwith this rugged easy to install cover. Our Cover allows the Monitor to be pre-connected to your 2 1/2" hose while remaining covered. Easy access full front Zipper.

Trusted by Over 200 Fire Departments Across America

Here's what some have to say about their All Weather Nozzle Covers...

The Only Nozzle Cover Approved by Task Force Tips!

Here's what TFT has to say:

“The All Weather Nozzle Cover is specifically designed to protect your valuable Blitzfire™ while still allowing for easy access when you are on the job. All Weather Nozzle Covers are made to resist extreme weather conditions, and each is manufactured in the USA.”

Professional Grade Products for First Responders