Portable Monitor Covers for TFT Blitzfire,Akron Quick Attack, Elkhart Brass RAM

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RAM Cover For The ElkHart Brass RAM

The All Weather R.A.M. Nozzle Cover is a portable monitor cover designed to fit directly behind an existing 8296-MB mounting bracket for the ElkHart Brass R.A.M. nozzle. The All Weather Nozzle Cover will work for you to protect your nozzle in extreme weather, temperatures, and diverse elements it may face on the road and on the job. 


Every All Weather Nozzle Cover is handmade of all US materials in Vermont, USA. It comes with a Full 5 year Warranty.

Our Warranty: "If ever our Cover fails for any reason, during the warranty period,  simply notify us return the Cover and we send you a brand New Cover."


-Width 13 inches
-Height 35 inches
-Depth 13 inches
- Color Red and Yellow