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The All Weather Nozzle Covers

Across the country more and more fire departments are turning to advanced hose nozzles with GPM monitoring. These new high-tech nozzles are mounted directly behind each team's fire truck, ready to go in an emergency...but also ready to gather dirt and road debris. The All Weather Nozzle Cover is specifically designed to protect your valuable Blitzfire™, while also allowing for easy access when you are on the job. The All Weather Nozzle Cover for the Blitzfire™ nozzle is made to resist extreme weather conditions, and each is manufactured by our team in the USA.

The All Weather Cover for the Blitzfire™ nozzle was designed in close consultation with the Stowe Vermont Fire Department to ensure that it integrated seamlessly into the fire truck and Blitzfire™ nozzle. The back of the All Weather Cover was designed to fit directly behind an existing XX-B mounting bracket for the Blitzfire™ nozzle.